PHOTOGRAMMETRY & LIDAR VIEW MORE We model the terrain three-dimensionally in a fraction of the time, at lower costs and with greater precision... PRECISION AGRICULTURE VIEW MORE Precision agriculture is the modern way farmers can use technology to improve their crop production. INDUSTRIAL INSPECTION VIEW MORE We use state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles, operated by professionals and equipped with high-resolution cameras with zoom capabilities and thermal cameras.

Founded in 2011, Fly North was created with the purpose of offering high precision geospatial services with guaranteed quality and optimal delivery times. We transform captured data into relevant information for strategic decision making.



  • Experience: More than 8 years using different kind of drones for many applications.
  • Versatility and adaptability: Any size and any type of project from 10 Ha to 1 million Ha weather it’s using UAV’s or manned aircraft or even satellite.
  • Certified: We comply with both Colombia’s and United States regulation. RAC appendix 13 and FAA part 107. We count with 5 certified Pilots and 8 different drones in our fleet.
  • Interdisciplinary Team: We have mechatronic, electronic, environmental, geological and topographic engineers with years of experience in the UAV market allowing us to design different application for the market.
  • Innovation: We work first hand with the need of our clients to design custom made services or products.




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