copier rentals and leasing NYC

There are several pieces of equipment and technology you will need to help your business, from computers and laptops to copiers and printers. Each one has its own place in your business and will help with everyday needs. One piece of office equipment that nearly every business will need is a copier. It is a simple and efficient, yet often overlooked addition to any business. While many may want to buy a copier, sometimes renting or leasing one is the best decision. It can often save on the overall cost in the long run. When looking for copier rentals and leasing in New York City, you can start with Legend Business Group Inc.

Why Should I Lease or Rent a Copier?

Many people wonder why they should lease or rent a copier rather than just buy one, and there are a few advantages to keep in mind. It does cost to maintain a copier, and then you have to pay for any repairs it may need, but choosing to lease one will lower the cost. This makes it a smart option if you are worried about spending too much money on the copier’s upkeep.

The Advantages

There are other advantages to consider when thinking about leasing or renting a copier. When leasing, you will have a monthly payment that tends to be quite affordable. In addition, any repairs your copier may need is usually included in this monthly cost. This also means your device can be upgraded more frequently than it could if you just bought it, as those upgrades are also part of your monthly payment. Legend Business Group offers a few different lease lengths so they can be sure to fit the needs of nearly any business.

The Investment

If you decide to invest in buying a copier outright, it will likely need to last around ten or more years. With how quickly technology is advancing and changing, your copier may be out of date after just a few short years of use. This makes leasing a good option, as you can upgrade after your lease is up. By doing that, you will likely save more money than you would if you just bought the copier and then bought a new one when necessary.


It is also much easier to budget your business when you know what the cost of your copier will be every month since repairs are included in that cost. If you buy a copier, any unexpected problems could upset your budget for that month, or even longer.

Why Choose Legend Business Group?

If you are looking for copier renting or leasing in the New York City area, there are a few reasons to turn to Legend. Since they have been in business for over twenty years, they have turned into a trusted company in NYC. They also don’t add any up chargers while many of their competitors do. This means you are consistently paying the same amount each time. They have also gained a reputation for being nice and friendly to all of their customers.

copier rentals and leasing NYC

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copier rentals and leasing NYC

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